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we’ve been having some issues with our landlord and building. it’s a bit frustrating. it kind of blows my mind how many landlords just have absolutely NO CLUE how to be a landlord. it’s so much more than just collecting rent.
our landlord issues are stemming around absolutely no notice is given before he enters, and he also slapped a no pets rule on us randomly. neither are allowed in this province. 24 hour written notice is mandatory, and a no pets rule must be made well known BEFORE the tenant moves in. no such rule existed.

we’d like to move, but finding a 3 bedroom downtown with heat included that allows my (clean, indoor & fixed) cat in the middle of winter is a painfully extreme order.

i mean, honestly guys, you may own the building, but you are breaking the law by just walking in if it is not an emergency. please start respecting your tenants.

i swear, a landlord license must be mandatory and to GET that license you must know the tenancy act inside and out. i knew it when i was a kid, it isn’t hard to understand. it’s all pretty basic common sense stuff.

rant over.

the weather has been uncharacteristically warm. i wore my sneakers out tonight without my ankles getting cold. no mitts and no scarf. only a hat because i felt like it. the other day i could have worn my spring jacket! we’re INTO DECEMBER!

some nice landlord should let us live in their apartment. we’re 3 mature adults and my cat is adorable & clean.

kitteh tongue!

kitteh tongue!