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Hey Wade!

The anti-choice, or pro-birthers, whichever you fancy, have been inspired by Karats, however poorly so. (I previously wrote about Karats here)


This is disgusting in a lot of ways. The least harmful: how childish that artwork even looks!

This has caused a lot of outrage. Rightfully so, but that’s nothing new.

What I’m starting to see more of is people, a lot of the times dudes, speaking up to say how ridiculous this all is. I’d agree, yes, it IS ridiculous that people are still so sexist and awful that they continue to treat people with a uterus as objects, but that’s not what their point is. They’re just plain sick of the whole dang thing.

I get it, though. They’re tired. This is an old fight that’s been happening for decades. It can permeate every facet of social media. Every time you turn around, them there overzealous religious types are screaming “but teh pre-born babbiez!”, or the wiminz are burning their bras and screaming for equality!

“When will it all end!” these poor, tired souls cried.

But if you think YOU’RE tired, imagine how tired we feel? So maybe just sit back and stuff it, k? You don’t get to complain to me about how tired you are of hearing about how I’m not allowed to decide what’s best for me when I am actually experiencing it. Got it?


I think some people are forgetting that, while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to forcing that opinion onto others.

So consider perhaps that is why there is such an outrage over anti-choice/pro-birth demonstrations/fliers/etc. It goes beyond simply “having an opinion”, and crosses the line to actively supporting the removal of women’s reproductive choices. It treats women as if they aren’t a person.

When you encounter women who don’t have access to proper abortion care, and they resort to self aborting or self harm, you get really fucking angry. That’s a pretty valid response, given what the anti-choice are creating. So, no, we will not “calm down”. The harm that this atmosphere creates is very real.

You don’t get to make life altering decisions for me. I am not your incubator, I am a person. Stop using free speech as a cloak to control me.

I am over being fucking polite. I am done with being quiet. Fuck you to every single person who wants to restrict my health care because I have a goddamn uterus and don’t want to procreate.

SIDE NOTE: using the term “pre-born” makes you look like a fucking idiot.


the posters on the wall..

i could probably fill a room with all of the posters i’ve collected. moving is hell. so.many.thumbtacks.