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christmas & zunior

i dyed my hair cupcake pink & purple. i was bored of the deep pink.

cupcake pink & purple!

cupcake pink & purple!

christmas was quiet. spent too many days at ma’s sleeping on couch cushions on the livingroom floor. i’ve convinced her that she needs one of those foam chairs that unfold into a bed. pretty stoked! sweet pea had fun stalking ma’s cats. big kitty took it the hardest. he’s huge, but the biggest baby. oliver loved the company, though. they ran around my head all night the first night. frig.

danyelle is as awesome as ever. she got a guitar for christmas, it’s just a cheapy thing. ma & i want to get her into piano lessons. she got a piano last year. there’s a ridiculous amount of music on dads side, surely she must have some in her!



also! today is boxing day! that means it’s also ZUNIOR BOXING DAY SALE DAY! almost everything is $4.99! my purchases this year:

1- Frederick Squire – Shenandoah
i just absolutely LOVE his voice!

2- The Gertrudes – Till The Morning Shows Her Face To Me
they are fantastic. buying any of their albums is pretty much a guarantee of greatness.

3- Don Brownrigg – Wander Songs
i’ve heard his name over the years, but haven’t had a chance to check any of his stuff out. from just the preview on the zunior website, i am REALLY EXCITED for this album!!

4- Fall Horsie – Devil(e)durge
i have one song by fall horsie which i really like and have been wanting more.

5- Kary – Light
oh man. 2 guys from wintersleep were in kary, before wintersleep. i’ve been eyeing this album for a few years.

6- Rebekah Higgs – Little Voice
i’ve been wanting some music by her for ages! this is her newest ep, and while not technically part of the sale, at $3.99 i couldn’t resist!

7- Graham Wright – Shirts vs. Skins
i said i was going to stick to east coast/hard to get, but i had to break that rule for graham wright. well, i suppose the gertrudes aren’t exactly classified as east coast, either..

8- Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees – Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
another rebekah higgs project. such a fun band to see live!

9- Al Tuck – Under Your Shadow
despite the plethora of music i’ve amassed since starting the podcast, i’ve done fairly well to keep everything straight and not buy doubles. which is why i sat on paying because of this one. i was (still maybe am?) SO SURE i already have this album, but can’t find it anywhere! even if i do end up finding it, it’s al tuck, i’m ok with laying down an extra $5 for him.

and there you have it. i look forward to the zunior day boxing sale each year now. i bought 9 albums for $40. that’s pretty damn sweet! thanks, zunior!

(..just don’t even get me started on what had to get cut. ouch!)



we’ve been having some issues with our landlord and building. it’s a bit frustrating. it kind of blows my mind how many landlords just have absolutely NO CLUE how to be a landlord. it’s so much more than just collecting rent.
our landlord issues are stemming around absolutely no notice is given before he enters, and he also slapped a no pets rule on us randomly. neither are allowed in this province. 24 hour written notice is mandatory, and a no pets rule must be made well known BEFORE the tenant moves in. no such rule existed.

we’d like to move, but finding a 3 bedroom downtown with heat included that allows my (clean, indoor & fixed) cat in the middle of winter is a painfully extreme order.

i mean, honestly guys, you may own the building, but you are breaking the law by just walking in if it is not an emergency. please start respecting your tenants.

i swear, a landlord license must be mandatory and to GET that license you must know the tenancy act inside and out. i knew it when i was a kid, it isn’t hard to understand. it’s all pretty basic common sense stuff.

rant over.

the weather has been uncharacteristically warm. i wore my sneakers out tonight without my ankles getting cold. no mitts and no scarf. only a hat because i felt like it. the other day i could have worn my spring jacket! we’re INTO DECEMBER!

some nice landlord should let us live in their apartment. we’re 3 mature adults and my cat is adorable & clean.

kitteh tongue!

kitteh tongue!

falling apart!

my roommate is gone for about a week. so far, a skunk sprayed around our front door (which is also under the bedroom windows), spiders came scuttling from under my boots, the internet was horrendously slow for days AND NOW THE WASHER IS BROKEN.



i miss my roommate.

carnations, essence of dog pee

i came home the other day to the faint smell of pee in my kitchen. right away i thought the dog peed somewhere, then immediately after that thought oh god what’s wrong with the dog??

carnations smell like pee sometimes

carnations smell like pee sometimes

the dog is fine. turns out carnations can smell like pee.

i don’t really like carnations anyway.

the posters on the wall..

i could probably fill a room with all of the posters i’ve collected. moving is hell. so.many.thumbtacks.



matt mays at hunter’s ale house.

i was surrounded by body sweat, ironic toques (my own included) and (only) a couple of screamy girls. i walked in thinking “can’t wait for the music, but dreading the crowd”. a typical thought for shows i expect to be packed to the rafters. sometimes fending off drunk girls clawing to be the closest one to the band tires me.


matt mays

matt mays at hunter's ale house

it was slow going, but many squished toes and angry glares later, i was relatively close to the front! a couple of people even asked if i wanted to trade places with them, just so i could get that much closer. whoever you are, thank you. i know i should be there before everyone else, but life doesn’t always work out that way..

matt mays puts on a great show. i am constantly fascinated by these people who get up on stage and just make it all seem so effortless. i definitely regret not going to see him the last time he was here.
a friend used to tell me a story. he told it to me mostly after several beer, so my details are fuzzy at best. a long long time ago back when matt mays played with ruth minikin, possibly in the guthries, they were gathered around possibly a campfire with good friends, singing and just enjoying each others presence. the story goes that it was such a wonderful and heartwarming experience, it would have brought a tear to your eye to be there to witness it.

during one particular song, i forget which, he started to reminisce about those old times on pei. he mentioned a couple of things which elicited ‘woo’s from the crowd. then he said ‘eyes for telescopes‘. if you were here on the bar scene in the early 2000’s, you knew who they were. i couldn’t contain myself. i was the only person who yelled YEAH. i looked around me and realized that most of these people were probably too young for even fake id’s back then! he also mentioned playing with al tuck. it was nice, and unexpected. it was very heartfelt.

matt mays at hunter's ale house

matt mays at hunter's ale house

my mother, debbie, really likes his music. she even went to see him once, at the festival of lights. i’m pretty sure it rained. she enjoyed the show regardless. i mentioned he was going to be at hunter’s and she quickly asked if i could get his autograph for her, then just as quickly waved the idea off. this isn’t something she asks of me, and i like it when she likes the same music i do, so i decided this was my mission..
to get matt mays to sign one of his cd’s for my mother.

of course, as soon as they were finished playing, he went upstairs.

i always feel awkward and in the way if i’m at the bar past 2am. the bouncers yelling “IT’S TIME TO GO HOME” while they sweep the stragglers (and stumblers) towards the door. i dislike being in people’s way. i was determined, though, clutching his first cd with a fair bit of anxiety.

matt mays at hunter's ale house

matt mays at hunter's ale house

finally he emerged from upstairs to pack up his merch. i took several deep breaths and tiptoed over and stood there waiting for him to finish.

i also dislike pestering people, especially when they’re trying to pack up. i never know how my presence will be accepted. will i be a nuisance? will my wishes be fulfilled with that canned smile-shake-hands-thank-you-for-coming response? will i stumble and trip over my words like i do 99% of the time?

as soon as he said hi to me, i completely forgot about every worry and anxiety i had. he was sincerely happy to sign the cd clutched in my sweaty hands for my mother. he shook my hand and intently asked my name, then we chit chatted for a moment. as i started to walk the bar to say goodbye to people, he said “tell deb i said hi *pause* i guess people call her that, right?”. after my goodbyes to the staff were said, i walked by the merch table on my way out the door. his hand shot up in a wave “bye moe!”

matt mays at hunter's ale house

matt mays at hunter's ale house

my point to this overly long story: for everything he has accomplished, matt mays is the most genuinely nicest dude i may have ever met. his kindness makes me wish i was around that campfire way back when. it makes me wish that we were friends.
because the world needs more friends like that.