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It’s 2016

It’s 2016, and we’re still fighting for our reproductive rights.


A person went rogue and created a fiery red headed character to call attention to the dire lack of access to abortion services on PEI.

There is no logistical reason for this lack of access. The equipment is already here. It requires no exceptionally specialized training, doctors already have the training. Abortions are already provided within PEI’s hospitals under certain medically extreme cases, it’s called ‘dilation and curettage‘. This isn’t major heart surgery. It’s a quick and simple procedure. A root canal takes longer.

The PEI government is actually breaking the law in not allowing this procedure on the island.

One of the “pro-birthers” was, oddly, interviewed about the red headed character popping up. She criticized the use of Anne of Green Gable’s likeness for such a thing.

Super funny, because pretty sure Anne originally came from a WANTED pregnancy, only being orphaned because her parents died when she was 3 months old due to a fever. Also pretty sure, if you’ve paid any attention to the fictional character at all, Anne was very much a feminist. Sorry, you lose, pro-birther.

Also funny because the pro-birthers are notorious for glorifying images of still borns, and clearly edited images of fetal matter to make it look like an actual baby, except gory and disgustingly deformed.

It also very much drives home their inability to do even a cursory amount of research for facts that support their ideas.

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I’m so sick of this shit.