i need somewhere to write that isn't confined to 140 characters.

sometimes thinking up the title is the hardest part

phew! it sure is windy! we were supposed to get a storm, but it was just some ice pellets in the middle of the night, a bit of rain, and a bunch of wind. ma & some of her sisters went to nova scotia for my uncle phil’s birthday.
this means i will have to pack up sweet pea very shortly and head to ma’s for the night to kitty-sit!

such a lazy saturday. i’m still in my leggings! sweet pea and i have been crocheting and watching crappy tv. i bought a big skein of delicious cotton yarn and have been making dishcloths! i’m going to have to do the dishes later to put one to the test.

still job hunting. cbc interviewed me about it. the job bank has been down for quite awhile. it’s frustrating, as on pei, that is the MAIN source for jobs. people don’t put help wanted signs in their windows any more..

i’m thinking about moving away. (when the job bank was working) i saw a manager position at one of the larger chain stores being advertised as minimum wage. there’s something incredibly wrong here when it comes to this. very very wrong.

anyway. nothing interesting here. carry on.


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