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the first snow storm of the season was on weds. i think they said we got about 20 centimetres. not too bad. ma had already made the appointment to get her snow tires on, which ended up being the day before the storm. good timing! we could tell there were lots of people who probably weren’t that on the ball… so many sliding and fish tailing cars! a few fender benders & a cattle truck even slid and got stuck on a bridge in the country! i don’t know if any cattle were actually in the truck. i hope not. even if they were on the way to get slaughtered, why make things worse for them?

i’ve been entirely not inspired lately. it’s been really difficult. it doesn’t help that my room is a mess and the radiator is not working. (remember when i mentioned the snow storm? yeah..)

my brain is overflowing with really neat crafty ideas, but i just can’t muster up the energy to even attempt to start anything. it’s frustrating and making me feel down. a vicious circle.

i dyed my hair flamingo pink a few weeks ago. it isn’t really what i’d call flamingo-y, more of a deep deep pink that isn’t really pink. i didn’t bleach my hair first, but the dye itself doesn’t look that pink anyway. i have a bit of cupcake pink left, so may bleach my hair & try that soon. i just have it in my head that i want pink hair! i don’t even really like pink!

there's a bit of purple in my bangs..

there's a bit of purple in my bangs..

i think just need some brightness in my life. these long dark days where i have little to motivate me can be depressing. it gets dark so early, now..

i found this blog and just love everything about it! the girl who writes it has just the most amazing style. (plus she has the hair I WISH I HAD!)