i need somewhere to write that isn't confined to 140 characters.


Hey Wade!

The anti-choice, or pro-birthers, whichever you fancy, have been inspired by Karats, however poorly so. (I previously wrote about Karats here)


This is disgusting in a lot of ways. The least harmful: how childish that artwork even looks!

This has caused a lot of outrage. Rightfully so, but that’s nothing new.

What I’m starting to see more of is people, a lot of the times dudes, speaking up to say how ridiculous this all is. I’d agree, yes, it IS ridiculous that people are still so sexist and awful that they continue to treat people with a uterus as objects, but that’s not what their point is. They’re just plain sick of the whole dang thing.

I get it, though. They’re tired. This is an old fight that’s been happening for decades. It can permeate every facet of social media. Every time you turn around, them there overzealous religious types are screaming “but teh pre-born babbiez!”, or the wiminz are burning their bras and screaming for equality!

“When will it all end!” these poor, tired souls cried.

But if you think YOU’RE tired, imagine how tired we feel? So maybe just sit back and stuff it, k? You don’t get to complain to me about how tired you are of hearing about how I’m not allowed to decide what’s best for me when I am actually experiencing it. Got it?


I think some people are forgetting that, while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to forcing that opinion onto others.

So consider perhaps that is why there is such an outrage over anti-choice/pro-birth demonstrations/fliers/etc. It goes beyond simply “having an opinion”, and crosses the line to actively supporting the removal of women’s reproductive choices. It treats women as if they aren’t a person.

When you encounter women who don’t have access to proper abortion care, and they resort to self aborting or self harm, you get really fucking angry. That’s a pretty valid response, given what the anti-choice are creating. So, no, we will not “calm down”. The harm that this atmosphere creates is very real.

You don’t get to make life altering decisions for me. I am not your incubator, I am a person. Stop using free speech as a cloak to control me.

I am over being fucking polite. I am done with being quiet. Fuck you to every single person who wants to restrict my health care because I have a goddamn uterus and don’t want to procreate.

SIDE NOTE: using the term “pre-born” makes you look like a fucking idiot.


It’s 2016

It’s 2016, and we’re still fighting for our reproductive rights.


A person went rogue and created a fiery red headed character to call attention to the dire lack of access to abortion services on PEI.

There is no logistical reason for this lack of access. The equipment is already here. It requires no exceptionally specialized training, doctors already have the training. Abortions are already provided within PEI’s hospitals under certain medically extreme cases, it’s called ‘dilation and curettage‘. This isn’t major heart surgery. It’s a quick and simple procedure. A root canal takes longer.

The PEI government is actually breaking the law in not allowing this procedure on the island.

One of the “pro-birthers” was, oddly, interviewed about the red headed character popping up. She criticized the use of Anne of Green Gable’s likeness for such a thing.

Super funny, because pretty sure Anne originally came from a WANTED pregnancy, only being orphaned because her parents died when she was 3 months old due to a fever. Also pretty sure, if you’ve paid any attention to the fictional character at all, Anne was very much a feminist. Sorry, you lose, pro-birther.

Also funny because the pro-birthers are notorious for glorifying images of still borns, and clearly edited images of fetal matter to make it look like an actual baby, except gory and disgustingly deformed.

It also very much drives home their inability to do even a cursory amount of research for facts that support their ideas.

If you’re on twitter or instagram, follow @iamkarats


I’m so sick of this shit.


so many project ideas in my head all trying to flee at the same time

today we lost neil armstrong. and so life goes…

dear mr. armstrong,

thanks for sparking the imagination of children everywhere by living the life most only dream about.

i salute you, good sir.

sometimes thinking up the title is the hardest part

phew! it sure is windy! we were supposed to get a storm, but it was just some ice pellets in the middle of the night, a bit of rain, and a bunch of wind. ma & some of her sisters went to nova scotia for my uncle phil’s birthday.
this means i will have to pack up sweet pea very shortly and head to ma’s for the night to kitty-sit!

such a lazy saturday. i’m still in my leggings! sweet pea and i have been crocheting and watching crappy tv. i bought a big skein of delicious cotton yarn and have been making dishcloths! i’m going to have to do the dishes later to put one to the test.

still job hunting. cbc interviewed me about it. the job bank has been down for quite awhile. it’s frustrating, as on pei, that is the MAIN source for jobs. people don’t put help wanted signs in their windows any more..

i’m thinking about moving away. (when the job bank was working) i saw a manager position at one of the larger chain stores being advertised as minimum wage. there’s something incredibly wrong here when it comes to this. very very wrong.

anyway. nothing interesting here. carry on.

Easiest Round Dishcloth EVER

round 1: ch 3, 11 DC in first stitch, sl st together
round 2: ch 2, 2 DC in each stitch, DC in final stitch where your chain comes from, sl st together
round 3: ch 2, *DC in next st, 2 DC in next st, *repeat until end, DC in final stitch where your chain comes from, sl st together
round 4: ch2, *DC in next st, DC in next st, 2 DC in next st, *repeat until end, DC in final st where your chain comes from
round 5: ch 1, *SC in next ch, SC in next ch, 2 SC in next ch, 2 SC in next ch, *repeat until end, sl st together, eave in ends!

photos later.

christmas & zunior

i dyed my hair cupcake pink & purple. i was bored of the deep pink.

cupcake pink & purple!

cupcake pink & purple!

christmas was quiet. spent too many days at ma’s sleeping on couch cushions on the livingroom floor. i’ve convinced her that she needs one of those foam chairs that unfold into a bed. pretty stoked! sweet pea had fun stalking ma’s cats. big kitty took it the hardest. he’s huge, but the biggest baby. oliver loved the company, though. they ran around my head all night the first night. frig.

danyelle is as awesome as ever. she got a guitar for christmas, it’s just a cheapy thing. ma & i want to get her into piano lessons. she got a piano last year. there’s a ridiculous amount of music on dads side, surely she must have some in her!



also! today is boxing day! that means it’s also ZUNIOR BOXING DAY SALE DAY! almost everything is $4.99! my purchases this year:

1- Frederick Squire – Shenandoah
i just absolutely LOVE his voice!

2- The Gertrudes – Till The Morning Shows Her Face To Me
they are fantastic. buying any of their albums is pretty much a guarantee of greatness.

3- Don Brownrigg – Wander Songs
i’ve heard his name over the years, but haven’t had a chance to check any of his stuff out. from just the preview on the zunior website, i am REALLY EXCITED for this album!!

4- Fall Horsie – Devil(e)durge
i have one song by fall horsie which i really like and have been wanting more.

5- Kary – Light
oh man. 2 guys from wintersleep were in kary, before wintersleep. i’ve been eyeing this album for a few years.

6- Rebekah Higgs – Little Voice
i’ve been wanting some music by her for ages! this is her newest ep, and while not technically part of the sale, at $3.99 i couldn’t resist!

7- Graham Wright – Shirts vs. Skins
i said i was going to stick to east coast/hard to get, but i had to break that rule for graham wright. well, i suppose the gertrudes aren’t exactly classified as east coast, either..

8- Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees – Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
another rebekah higgs project. such a fun band to see live!

9- Al Tuck – Under Your Shadow
despite the plethora of music i’ve amassed since starting the podcast, i’ve done fairly well to keep everything straight and not buy doubles. which is why i sat on paying because of this one. i was (still maybe am?) SO SURE i already have this album, but can’t find it anywhere! even if i do end up finding it, it’s al tuck, i’m ok with laying down an extra $5 for him.

and there you have it. i look forward to the zunior day boxing sale each year now. i bought 9 albums for $40. that’s pretty damn sweet! thanks, zunior!

(..just don’t even get me started on what had to get cut. ouch!)


we’ve been having some issues with our landlord and building. it’s a bit frustrating. it kind of blows my mind how many landlords just have absolutely NO CLUE how to be a landlord. it’s so much more than just collecting rent.
our landlord issues are stemming around absolutely no notice is given before he enters, and he also slapped a no pets rule on us randomly. neither are allowed in this province. 24 hour written notice is mandatory, and a no pets rule must be made well known BEFORE the tenant moves in. no such rule existed.

we’d like to move, but finding a 3 bedroom downtown with heat included that allows my (clean, indoor & fixed) cat in the middle of winter is a painfully extreme order.

i mean, honestly guys, you may own the building, but you are breaking the law by just walking in if it is not an emergency. please start respecting your tenants.

i swear, a landlord license must be mandatory and to GET that license you must know the tenancy act inside and out. i knew it when i was a kid, it isn’t hard to understand. it’s all pretty basic common sense stuff.

rant over.

the weather has been uncharacteristically warm. i wore my sneakers out tonight without my ankles getting cold. no mitts and no scarf. only a hat because i felt like it. the other day i could have worn my spring jacket! we’re INTO DECEMBER!

some nice landlord should let us live in their apartment. we’re 3 mature adults and my cat is adorable & clean.

kitteh tongue!

kitteh tongue!


the first snow storm of the season was on weds. i think they said we got about 20 centimetres. not too bad. ma had already made the appointment to get her snow tires on, which ended up being the day before the storm. good timing! we could tell there were lots of people who probably weren’t that on the ball… so many sliding and fish tailing cars! a few fender benders & a cattle truck even slid and got stuck on a bridge in the country! i don’t know if any cattle were actually in the truck. i hope not. even if they were on the way to get slaughtered, why make things worse for them?

i’ve been entirely not inspired lately. it’s been really difficult. it doesn’t help that my room is a mess and the radiator is not working. (remember when i mentioned the snow storm? yeah..)

my brain is overflowing with really neat crafty ideas, but i just can’t muster up the energy to even attempt to start anything. it’s frustrating and making me feel down. a vicious circle.

i dyed my hair flamingo pink a few weeks ago. it isn’t really what i’d call flamingo-y, more of a deep deep pink that isn’t really pink. i didn’t bleach my hair first, but the dye itself doesn’t look that pink anyway. i have a bit of cupcake pink left, so may bleach my hair & try that soon. i just have it in my head that i want pink hair! i don’t even really like pink!

there's a bit of purple in my bangs..

there's a bit of purple in my bangs..

i think just need some brightness in my life. these long dark days where i have little to motivate me can be depressing. it gets dark so early, now..

i found this blog and just love everything about it! the girl who writes it has just the most amazing style. (plus she has the hair I WISH I HAD!)

ink me

i’ve been obsessed with looking at tattoo pictures today. it’s filled my thoughts the past few days.
i think about it while i do the dishes
i think about it while i walk downtown
i lay in bed, contemplating it

i’ve had the idea for around 13 years or so. i was somewhere between 17-18 when it first formed. sort of as a faint idea in the back of my head. it solidified a couple of years later.

during those horrible junior high years when everything was bleak and dark, there were moments where i felt completely alone. the only person i felt i could turn to was my uncle frank. he didn’t judge me, he didn’t pry, he was just there. he taught me about life. if he was fixing some plumbing thing, he’d show me how. if he was putting up a wall, he’d show me how. he made an adapter to hook his binoculars to his tripod from odd plumbing parts, he showed me how. he gave me his 35mm camera, showed me the basics, and sent me on my way. he knew when to guide me and when to let me struggle.

the night sky was our favourite.

there was a lunar eclipse, i think it was a partial, on a school night. he dragged me out of bed to watch it. we sat on my back step wrapped in blankets. it was starting to dawn on me how lucky i was to have him.
i woke up one night to small pebbles being thrown at my bedroom window. i could hear my name being whispered loudly. it was him. there was a meteor shower. his excitement was infectious. i can still hear his gasps and “did you see that?!?” if i close my eyes.
we found the andromeda galaxy through his binoculars. it was incredibly faint, looked like a smudge. he was so pissed that we couldn’t see more, while i stood there, staring at this smudge that was another fucking galaxy. i remember saying something like “frank, we’re looking at another galaxy. even if it’s a smudge, that’s incredible.”
so many nights we huddled around those binoculars and our star charts, freezing, but not going inside until we felt we were finished.

he died when i was 16, and my life was changed forever.

whenever i look up at the night sky in the winter, i see orion and i think of him. i want a tattoo of orion. i just don’t know how i want it designed.

(it may even have been during the orionids when he threw pebbles at my window. i remember it was chilly. he had his hands in his pockets and he kept moving around as if he had a chill.)

(i’m debating about incorporating canis major into it, for his dog, marcy. we took her in as our own when he died. she was very special to us.)

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